Helping Your Teen Combat Pain And Discomfort Caused By Their New Braces

If your teenager has been told they are a candidate for braces to straighten their teeth, they are most likely a bit apprehensive about any pain they will feel after the process is completed. Their orthodontist may have indicated there will be discomfort present after braces are placed as well as after any tightening treatments they have administered. Here are some tips you can use to help your child get through the times when their braces cause some pain or discomfort in an attempt to relieve it promptly.

2 Tips For Budgeting For A Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure If Your Insurance Does Not Cover It

If you suffer from a number of dental issues including missing teeth, poor alignment, and cavities, then your dentist may recommend a full-mouth reconstruction procedure. This procedure involves using a number of dental restorations and operations to fix your dental issues. The procedure will usually be carried out over a series of months or even years since there are a number of things that need to be fixed. Getting a multitude of dental restorations can become fairly pricey.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Gum disease continues to be one of the most common oral-health diseases among adults. It is categorized by red, puffy gums and can lead to tooth loss and other health issues. The best thing you can do is prevent getting this disease in the first place. Here are five effective ways to reduce your risk of gum disease. Switch to an Electric Toothbrush If you are still brushing with a standard toothbrush, think about switching to an electric one.

Deciding To Leave Or Remove Supernumerary Primary Teeth In Children

The average child has 20 primary, or baby, teeth, but in a few rare cases, a child may develop one or more additional teeth, known as supernumerary teeth, in their primary set. Many parents do not even notice these extra teeth erupting until their family dentist points them out, and they often fail to erupt at all. Although they may seem harmless, supernumerary primary teeth can cause a number of issues when ignored, most commonly overcrowding, impaction or interference with budding permanent teeth.

Creating Chin Definition Where There Was None: Why A Cosmetic Dentist Gets Involved

If you have lived most of your life with an undefined chin, or you have a facial deformity that has caused your chin to be almost non-existent, you may be ready for cosmetic surgery to correct this. Depending on the severity of the imperfection or deformity, you may do well with just a chin implant, or you may need more invasive and complicated surgery. If your cosmetic surgeon feels you need the more invasive surgery, he or she may involve the assistance of a cosmetic dentist as well.