2 Tips For Budgeting For A Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure If Your Insurance Does Not Cover It

If you suffer from a number of dental issues including missing teeth, poor alignment, and cavities, then your dentist may recommend a full-mouth reconstruction procedure. This procedure involves using a number of dental restorations and operations to fix your dental issues. The procedure will usually be carried out over a series of months or even years since there are a number of things that need to be fixed. Getting a multitude of dental restorations can become fairly pricey. Price is even more important if you little to no dental insurance. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help budget for your full dental reconstruction procedure.

Get an Estimate that Includes Quotes from Specialists

Getting an estimate from your dentist's office will help to give you a better idea of how much you can expect to pay once the procedure is complete. However, your general dentist office will only give you an estimate of how much they plan to charge you for their services. Your general dentist office will not perform procedures like a jaw realignment or specific x-rays. Therefore, during the course of a full mouth reconstruction, you will be referred to specialists. These specialists will often charge you separately, so it is important to get an estimate that takes into consideration the expenses that you may incur from seeing each specialist. You can do this by getting a list of specialists needed for your operation from your dentist and contacting them.

Consider a Payment Plan

Since a full mouth reconstruction procedure is usually scheduled over a number of months, you will not need to pay for the procedure right away. However, getting multiple dental procedures all at once can get expensive quickly. Therefore, you should speak to your dentist immediately about setting up a payment plan. If you can, you should set up a payment plan with all of the specialists that you plan to see as well so you can pay for the procedures over an agreed upon time frame. This is ideal if your insurance does not cover the entire cost of the operation. It is important to avoid missing payments once you have established a payment plan, as this can result in late fees.

If your teeth are in need a number of dental operations, then a full mouth reconstruction procedure may be ideal for you. Use these tips to ensure that you are able to afford the procedure.