Helping Your Teen Combat Pain And Discomfort Caused By Their New Braces

If your teenager has been told they are a candidate for braces to straighten their teeth, they are most likely a bit apprehensive about any pain they will feel after the process is completed. Their orthodontist may have indicated there will be discomfort present after braces are placed as well as after any tightening treatments they have administered. Here are some tips you can use to help your child get through the times when their braces cause some pain or discomfort in an attempt to relieve it promptly.

Keep Cold Foods On Hand To Reduce Pain

When your teen complains of soreness in their mouth, the application of a cold temperature can be extremely soothing. Stock up on fruit juices and make a batch of popsicles for a healthy snack that will relieve the pain the braces are causing. Make extra ices cubes in case your child would rather sip on a cool beverage for instant relief. If your child would rather not eat or drink something, they can apply an ice pack to their cheek or front of the mouth to help cool the interior. The change in temperature will help reduce any inflammation of the gums, helping to minimize pain as a result.

Avoid Foods That Exacerbate Discomfort

After the application of braces or a tightening session, it will be necessary for your child to alter their diet for a day or two to help keep pain at bay. Soft foods like cereal, scrambled eggs, rice, mashed potatoes, soup, applesauce, pudding, or yogurt will not require a lot of movement of the mouth when eating them. This will help keep pain levels low. Avoid hard, crunchy foods and those that are chewy in nature as they will make the pain feel even worse. It is a good idea to avoid foods with these compositions even at times pain is not present, as they can cause damage to your child's braces.

Use Orthodontic Wax To Relive Cuts And Scrapes

As your child gets used to their braces, they may find the interior of their mouth suffers from small scrapes where the braces make impact with the skin. To help reduce pain from this condition, your child's orthodontist will give them a special wax to apply to areas where repeat injuries occur. This will give the interior of the mouth a protective barrier that aids in keeping the braces from ripping into the skin. In time, the skin will become tougher in these areas and scraping will not be as frequent.

For more information about braces and tips for relieving pain, talk with an orthodontist, such as those at Family Dentistry Of Woodstock.