Causes Of Root Canal Failure

Many folks envision a root canal as a painful and complicated dental treatment that requires a long period for recovery. However, the procedure is often safe, and the use of anesthesia and pain medication can make it a lot less painful than you might expect. The trick is to have the procedure done by a qualified dentist, to observe proper oral hygiene during and after recovery, and to follow up with your dentist if there are any complications after your root canal.

Put Sensitive Teeth Behind You

If you have sensitive teeth, then there are some things that you should do to make sure you rule out certain dental conditions. There are also other things that you should do to make your teeth less sensitive. This way, you won't have to cringe every time you go to take a drink of something that's a little on the hot side, or scream when you go to take a bite of something that ends up being a little bit colder than you expected it to be.

Does Your Child Have Stains On Their Teeth And Bad Odors? What To Do

If your child has very stained teeth and bad breath, and you worry that this will affect their adult teeth as they start to age, there are some things you want to take into consideration. They will need to be seen by a dentist so the dentist can determine what is causing the problems, and so they can help prevent the problem from reoccurring. Finding the issues and treating them before your child's adult teeth start to come in is very important.

4 Tips For Dealing With Common Side Effects Of MAD Sleep Devices

If you suffer from sleep apnea, one of the common treatments that your dentist may suggest is for you to be fitted with mandibular advancement device (MAD). These devices push your lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep, helping to keep your airways open and allowing you to sleep more comfortably and safely. However, as with all treatments for sleep apnea, a MAD may cause certain side effects. Below are some common side effects and how you can deal with them.

2 Foods To Add To Your Child's Diet In Order To Prevent Their Fractured Cusp From Lengthening

A fractured cusp is often easy to spot since it occurs near the chewing surface of your child's tooth. However, this can also make it difficult for your child to chew until the fracture is fixed. Each time that your child chews they may experience slight pain or some other form of discomfort. Some foods will only end up aggravating the fracture rather than helping it. Therefore, it is important to change yoru child's diet until their fractured cusp is fixed.