Does Your Child Have Stains On Their Teeth And Bad Odors? What To Do

If your child has very stained teeth and bad breath, and you worry that this will affect their adult teeth as they start to age, there are some things you want to take into consideration. They will need to be seen by a dentist so the dentist can determine what is causing the problems, and so they can help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Finding the issues and treating them before your child's adult teeth start to come in is very important. Here are a few things that could be causing the problems with your child's mouth.

Bad Products

The products you are purchasing at the store for your child to use may be causing the discoloration on the teeth, and they may not be cleaning the teeth properly. When purchasing items in the future, look for the following qualities:

  • ADA approval mark on the product
  • Products created specifically for kids
  • Hygiene products recommended by your dentist

You want to know what you're putting in your child's mouth. Don't just purchase an item because its available at the store.

Poor Hygiene and Care

Just because your child is brushing, doesn't mean they are doing a good job or brushing correctly. They also may not be flossing at all, or flossing like they should be. Watch your child while they care for their teeth, or have them do it in front of a dental professional so you can find out what's going on.

Bacteria and Sickness

If there are bacteria in the mouth it can cause a lot of odors and it also can lead to staining. This can come from poor oral health, or the bacteria could be caused by some type of infection in the body. A problem like this can also occur from a viral infection or sickness that the child has developed.

If you can't find a solution for the staining and the odors on your own, don't waste any time before making an appointment with a pediatric dentist, like one from Edwardsville Family Dentist. Your child should be seeing the dentist regularly, which is two times a year, if they are at the age where all their teeth have come in. During their visits the cleanings and x-rays will help the dentist see if there are any major problems, and then you can see if they have any cavities, and what is going on that is causing the stains and unbearable bad breath.