2 Foods To Add To Your Child's Diet In Order To Prevent Their Fractured Cusp From Lengthening

A fractured cusp is often easy to spot since it occurs near the chewing surface of your child's tooth. However, this can also make it difficult for your child to chew until the fracture is fixed. Each time that your child chews they may experience slight pain or some other form of discomfort. Some foods will only end up aggravating the fracture rather than helping it. Therefore, it is important to change yoru child's diet until their fractured cusp is fixed. Luckily, there are a few foods that you can add to your child's diet in order to prevent their fracture from lengthening from one end of their tooth the other.


Smoothies are often recommended after oral surgery because you are forced to stick to a liquid diet for the first few days. Smoothies can also work well when your child has a fractured cusp. Smoothies require no chewing and allow your child to consume all of the nutrients and minerals that they would by eating normal meals. In order to make sure that the smoothies are filling and nutritious, it is important to include fruits and vegetables. If your child dislikes vegetables, then you should add double the amount of fruit in order to mask the taste. In addition, you can include things like milk and Greek yogurt to the mix. Smoothies can be eaten along with other foods that are considered to be more liquid. This includes anything like soup and stews.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of few foods that are extremely versatile. They can be eaten alone or with soups and stews. Since a liquid diet can be difficult to stick to for a number of days, you can add mashed potatoes to your child's diet in order to add some diversity. You can add whole potatoes to a stew and slow cook it. By the time the meal has finished cooking, your mashed potatoes should be extremely soft and falling apart. If your child, wishes to eat their potatoes alone, then they should be cooked until they require very little chewing to eat. This will make sure that the potatoes are not making your child's fracture worse.

In order to nurture your child's fracture and keep it from worsening, it is important to feed them the right foods. Therefore, use these foods to make sure that your child's diet may not be harming their fractured cusp. Click for more information.