Creating Chin Definition Where There Was None: Why A Cosmetic Dentist Gets Involved

If you have lived most of your life with an undefined chin, or you have a facial deformity that has caused your chin to be almost non-existent, you may be ready for cosmetic surgery to correct this. Depending on the severity of the imperfection or deformity, you may do well with just a chin implant, or you may need more invasive and complicated surgery. If your cosmetic surgeon feels you need the more invasive surgery, he or she may involve the assistance of a cosmetic dentist as well. Here is why the cosmetic dentist gets involved with this type of surgery and why you would want him/her to be present for this life-changing operation.

The Lower Jaw (Mandible) Is Broken

In many cases, the lower jaw is broken in the middle, right between the two front-most teeth. Your cosmetic dentist assists with this part of the procedure to make sure that your bite alignment and your teeth are not damaged or knocked out in the process. The cosmetic dentist also verifies that the gums and soft tissue can recover from this surgery without infection.

Spacers Are Used to Expand the Chin Area

Small, special instruments are planted into the bone. This should help hold the jaw in its broken position long enough for the body to create bone cells to weave and mend the broken jaw together over the expanse created by these spacers. It is similar to when you have a compound fracture and pins are used to secure bone to bone. The bone grows over the pins to stitch the bones back together. Your cosmetic dentist will install these spacers, along with any dental work that is needed to prevent tooth loss into this new gap.

Adding Shaped Bone Pieces to Create a Chin

Bone taken from other areas of your body may also be used to shape and define your chin. The bone pieces are shaped with a surgical saw and grinder in the operating room before they are inserted over the top of your lower jaw bone and under the lip and skin. The dentist makes sure this shaped bone does not interfere with the roots of your front teeth and cannot shift or rub against your teeth and gums.

Orthodontia, Post-Chin Creation

Additionally, you can expect your cosmetic dentist to install braces after your chin has successfully healed. He or she may install a retainer of some kind prior to that to hold your teeth in place, but braces after the chin has healed is quite common. Since you now have a wider, more defined chin because of the surgery, your teeth can shift or get crowded, so the dentist will install braces to realign them and remove any gaps in your front teeth that resulted in this surgery.

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