Four Signs You Need A Root Canal

Root canal treatments entail removing the damaged or decayed blood vessels in the pulp. After the dentist gets rid of the unhealthy pulp, the expert washes the root canal with antibiotics and fills up this space. The tooth expert then puts a shield on your tooth to prevent damage. Usually, a root canal procedure helps to eliminate pain, prevent tooth loss, and stop the spread of the infection to other teeth.

Do You Really Need A Root Canal? What To Know

If you were instantly caught off-guard when you heard your dentist suggest a root canal procedure, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this common, safe, and useful dental procedure has gotten a bad reputation. Read on to find out why a root canal is nothing to worry about and what the procedure entails. Don't Be Nervous: It's Painless When you say root canal, you might automatically think about a painful dental procedure.

3 Reasons To Go With Invisible Aligner Trays

If you need to straighten your teeth and you are an adult, you might not want to go with braces because you may feel really embarrassed by having braces as an adult. However, that doesn't mean that you don't want to have straight teeth. You have another option. That option is to go with something like clear aligner trays. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to go with this solution.

Dental Braces And Decalcification: What's The Connection?

Orthodontic treatment can take several years, and you might in fact be wearing your dental braces for up to three years. When your braces are finally removed, your teeth should be perfectly aligned. But while your teeth might have been straightened, if they have degraded beneath your braces, it wouldn't just be a disappointment—it would be a disaster. What can cause tooth damage while wearing your braces? And what can be done to prevent this?