Four Signs You Need A Root Canal

Root canal treatments entail removing the damaged or decayed blood vessels in the pulp. After the dentist gets rid of the unhealthy pulp, the expert washes the root canal with antibiotics and fills up this space. The tooth expert then puts a shield on your tooth to prevent damage. Usually, a root canal procedure helps to eliminate pain, prevent tooth loss, and stop the spread of the infection to other teeth. However, knowing when to get the procedure isn't easy. These are the indicators that you need root canal treatments.

1. Persistent Tooth Aches

Lasting tooth, mouth, or jaw pain is an indicator that you require tooth canal treatments. The pains may disappear after some time and then reoccur. While there are other toothache causes, such as tooth rotting or damaged cavity filling, don't ignore the possibility of infected pulp. If you're feeling sharp and impulsive tooth pains or feel pressure buildup around your teeth during bending or laying down, you may require a root canal.

2. Sensitive Teeth

When your tooth becomes sensitive to warm or cold liquids, there may be a need for root canal treatments. Sensitivity manifests as a feeling of tooth pain or discomfort after taking hot or cold beverages. If this is the case, the nerve endings and veins have some damage, or they're infected. The ache may start dull and grow into intense pain if the problem isn't treated. If you're dealing with an infected pulp, the chances are that your dentist will perform a root canal.

3. Swollen Gums

When your gums get inflamed, that's an indication of an issue underneath the gum's surface. Gum inflammation is usually painful and causes bumps. Additionally, an abscess may occur, and the condition causes the occurrence of pimples on the gum. These pimples may excrete pus from the infected tooth area, leading to bad breath. Generally, your dentist should diagnose the cause of the inflammation and suggest root canal treatments when the infection reaches the blood vessels.

4. Broken Teeth

Tooth cracking indicates that you require root canal treatments. The cracking occurs due to different reasons, such as trauma or severe rotting. This chipping exposes the tooth pulp to infection, which can result in toothache or tooth loss. Your dentist may perform a root canal to save your tooth.

Indicators of root canal treatments include toothache, sensitivity, inflamed gums, and chipped teeth. So, visit a dental office, like Laveen Smiles, for treatment.