Everyone Needs To Know About These Signs That Emergency Dental Services Are Needed

Some individuals may not be able to determine whether they are in need of emergency dental services. They may feel like their issue can be resolved at home or that it will clear up on its. on. There are many individuals who may try to use home remedies. There are some issues that can wait. However, there are others that need to be handled at a dentist's office that can get the individual an emergency appointment slot. The following points shed light on a few common dental emergencies.

Clotting Issue After Tooth Extraction

Sometimes the blood clot that is supposed to form in a tooth socket after an extraction does not form. It is also possible for the clot to form and detach. Both of these can lead to bleeding beyond the expected time that it should stop. Individuals in this situation are also likely to experience prolonged swelling and pain.

Abscesses and Growths 

These look like pimples or pustules on the gums. They are a sign of infection and can cause serious illness. The contaminated sacs may burst and the bacteria inside can enter the bloodstream. This can create a life-threatening situation. Individuals who notice any type of growth on their tongues or gums should always treat the matter as an emergency. There are other issues that could be present such as mouth cancer which is characterized by lesions in the mouth. It is important to note that these may not be painful.

Mouth Injuries

Individuals may experience mouth trauma if they are involved in situations such as a contact sport, car accident, or physical altercation. These situations can lead to damage to the soft tissues, which include the tongue, gums, lips, or cheeks. 


This is one of the most commonly misunderstood emergencies. Toothaches should be treated as emergencies when they are severe or if there is facial swelling, which is indicative of infection. Minor toothaches may be relieved using over-the-counter pain medication. Individuals should follow up with a dentist even if the pain from a toothache goes away. 

An emergency dental services practice is a good resource for individuals who cannot determine if they have a situation that requires immediate attention. Some dental offices have over-the-phone support. Their staff may ask a series of questions to determine if an individual has an emergency. They can advise individuals on what to do in the meantime if it is an emergency issue that occurs outside of business hours. Some emergency dentists operate on an on-call basis and provide services 24/7.  

For more info about emergency dental services, contact a local company.