4 Important Steps For A Successful Dental Implant Placement

Some people who have lost their teeth sometimes don't think it's necessary to replace missing teeth with implants. However, they can help seal the gaps on your jaw and work like natural teeth. And even though the procedure can take months to complete, once the teeth are fixed, they will last a long time with proper care. Check out the key steps that will guarantee a successful dental implant placement.

Planning For Dental Implant Placement

When you visit your doctor for implant surgery, they'll start by assessing the condition of your teeth and gums. This will help them evaluate whether you qualify for the implant placement procedure. During the initial consultation, they take your dental history and an impression of your teeth and gums. They may even perform a CT scan on your teeth to help them determine whether there's enough jawbone or if you will need a bone graft. If they determine that you don't have enough jawbone, they'll perform bone grafting. Different materials are used for this procedure, including a synthetic bone graft or bone from a different location of your body.

Placement of The Tooth Root

After your doctor performs a preliminary examination, they'll place a tooth root made of titanium on the area where you have missing teeth. They'll start by administering a local anesthetic and then drill a hole where they'll place the metal post. 

Fitting The Abutment

After the bone has properly fused to the implant, the next step is to place the abutment. This piece connects the implant to the dental crown, and it plays a crucial role in absorbing the shock created when chewing food. When placing the abutment, the dentist will perform simple implant surgery to open up the gum line and attach it. Once this is done, they'll close the gum tissue to ensure proper healing.

Placement Of The Tooth Crown

After the gums heal following the abutment placement, you'll need to make an appointment so that the doctor can take an impression of your mouth. This will help them create an artificial tooth that they'll fit into the abutment. While most people prefer a crown that matches their natural teeth, others will opt for permanent gold teeth.

You should know that the placement of dental implants takes place in different stages over several months. This guide has highlighted some of the critical steps in this process.

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