An Overview Of Denture Adhesives

For maximum effectiveness, your dentures should fit you properly and stay in place. A denture adhesive is a substance that helps your dentures to stay in place. Below are some of the things you should know about denture adhesives.

They Come In Various Forms

Denture adhesives come in various forms such as:

  • Creams or pastes – This type is fairly common, probably due to its ease of application and effectiveness. It works on both wet and dry surfaces, buts its best for slightly wet surfaces.
  • Powders – One complaint people have about paste adhesives is that they may ooze; powder adhesive doesn't create such a problem. Besides, you can easily clean off the powders that may land on the wrong places.
  • Pads – Denture pads are relatively expensive but very easy to use. You just trim the pad to fit the application area, apply them over the dentures, and place the ventures in your mouth.

Take your time to go over the pros and cons of different forms of denture adhesives with your dentist. Picking the right adhesive is important because, among other things, it will determine how comfortable you are with the dentures in your mouth.

Not Everyone Requires Adhesives

Another thing you should know is that the use of denture adhesive is not automatic. You definitely need the adhesives if you have a dry mouth, if your lifestyle or work involves considerable use of the facial muscles, or you just want a sense of security with your dentures.

 In some cases, the dentist may even warn you against the use of adhesives. For example, you shouldn't use the adhesives as a solution for ill-fitting dentures. You need to diagnose the cause of the discomfort first before resorting to adhesives. You should also avoid the adhesives if you are allergic to them or if your or your oral hygiene routine is unsatisfactory.

Proper Application Is Necessary

Lastly, even though denture application is not rocket science, you should get the application right if you are to benefit from the adhesives. For example, you should only use the minimum amount of adhesives that work and use them only with clean dentures. Adhesives on dirty dentures might not work; you will just be sticking dirt to your mouth.

Dentures can improve your dental aesthetics and health, but only if you get it right. Discuss with your dentist the need for denture adhesives; don't use the adhesives without your dentists advise. Contact a dentist, like Thomas Krull, DDS, PC, if you have further concerns