The Effects Of Eating Disorders And Oral Health

Protecting your teeth and keeping them strong and healthy requires work, and there are a lot of things in life that can cause premature damage to teeth. Eating disorders fall into this category, and the two most common types of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Both of these disorders can have extremely negative effects on your oral health, and here are some of the ways these disorders harm your teeth.

They expose teeth to a high level of acids

The first problem with eating disorders is the effects teeth have when exposed to high levels of acids. These eating disorders involve people eating food and then regurgitating it afterwards so that it does not cause them to gain weight. When you eat food, the food mixes with acids during the digestion process. When you regurgitate the foods, acids come up with the food and exposing your teeth to high levels of acids will harm your teeth.

They deprive your teeth of important nutrients

Secondly, people who struggle with eating disorders tend to be very thin and gaunt, simply because they do not eat or digest the food they do eat. Because of this, people who have eating disorders tend to have bodies that are lacking important nutrients needed for good health. Not only does the body need nutrients to survive, but teeth also need nutrients. Some of the most important nutrients your teeth need include calcium and Vitamin D. Without these, the health of your teeth will suffer.

Teeth suffer in many ways

Due to the exposure of acids to your teeth on a regular basis and a lack of essential nutrients, your teeth may suffer in several ways. The first is that they will wear away. Tooth structure relies on calcium, and without it, teeth will not stay strong. Secondly, you may experience high levels of cavities on your teeth, and this is because your teeth are routinely exposed to acids, which eat away at teeth. You may also suffer from bad breath, dry mouth, a loss of teeth, gum disease, and many other oral problems.

If you suffer from an eating disorder of any kind, seek help for it to overcome the disorder and contact a dental clinic to have your teeth examined to see if the disorder has already caused damage to your teeth. You can schedule dental exams by contacting a dental clinic in your area.