3 Compelling Reasons To Take Your Children For An Annual Dental Check

Like most American parents, the health of your children is one of the most important things to you. Yet, an alarming number of children across the country don't attend a dental clinic for an annual oral health exam. Many school-age children have never even visited the dentist at all. If you haven't made an appointment for your children to visit the dentist recently, then here are three compelling reasons why you should.

1. Better all-around health 

Like most health practitioners, dentists form an important part in maintaining the general health and well-being of your child. Most parents would never miss their child's annual wellness check, vaccinations, or vision checks, but see visiting the dentist as an optional extra that's not strictly necessary.

However, good dental health plays a vital role in maintaining overall good health. It can help to prevent cardiovascular disease and expose the gastrointestinal system to unnecessary and sometimes harmful bacteria. Regular dental check-ups can also help to identify the early warning signs of many serious illnesses and diseases.

2. Prevention is the best medicine

As a rule, when it comes to health, prevention is the best medicine. A healthy lifestyle and regular medical checks can help prevent illness and disease as well as treating problems before they become major health issues. The same is true of dental health care.

Problems such as tooth decay and gum disease can be painful, prolonged, and expensive issues to treat if they're not detected early. In children, problems with their milk teeth can often lead to problems with their permanent teeth, which are actually present within the jaw bones before they emerge.

3. A healthy attitude towards dental health

Another excellent reason to take your children to the dentist regularly during childhood is to help set them up for a healthy attitude toward their dental health for life. Attending dental appointments through childhood helps to instill the importance of this aspect of health care while they are young and increases the likelihood of continuing good dental health through adulthood.

Also, regular dental checks will help to prevent the phobia that many people develop around dental treatment. By starting early, your child can experience a number of appointments that are simple and pleasant. Waiting until there is a problem that may involve painful dental work or tooth extractions may make your child afraid to visit the dentist which can carry over into adulthood.