What To Know About Securing Dentures With Dental Implants

If you're looking to replace your missing teeth with dentures, it's possible that you may need dental implants as well. While dentures don't require implants for them to remain secure in your mouth, many people don't like relying on just suction to keep them in place. Installing short dental implants will help give the dentures more stability that helps prevent them from slipping when speaking or eating. Here is what you should know about securing dentures with dental implants.

Implants Provide Jawbone Stimulation

Many people do not realize that the jawbone requires stimulation in order to be healthy. Every time you eat or put pressure on your jaw, your jawbone feels that pressure through your teeth. If you do not have any teeth because you're wearing dentures, the jawbone receives no stimulation and can actually lose bone density over time. You'll find that your jaw will end up sinking in with your full set of dentures.

Short implants will provide the jawbone with some much-needed stimulation, which helps it retain its current shape. Not only do short implants help the dentures remain secure, but they keep the jawbone in a good shape where the dentures continue to feel comfortable.

Implants Can Be Installed With Very Little Jawbone

If you already have problems with jawbone deterioration, know that you can still get short implants. When being used to support dentures, the implants don't require much of the jawbone for them to be placed securely. This means that you can have a shorter implant installed that provides all of the support you need.

Your dentist will let you know during a consultation if you are a good candidate for getting implants to support your dentures. This is done by taking x-rays that will show how much jawbone is left underneath your gums.

Implants Will Be Unlikely To Cause Nerve Trauma

You may have concerns about getting dental implants at all because you are worried about it affecting your nerves within the jaw. Be aware that the shorter implants used to secure dentures have a much lower chance of causing any nerve damage. They simply do not need to go as deep into the jawbone, which leads to fewer potential complications with the procedure.

Do you feel like you want dental implants to secure your dentures? Let your dental implant services provider know early on since it will change the process for getting your new dentures.