Did You Crack Your Tooth's Dental Crown? Do These 5 Things

Dental crowns are a wonderful way you can protect a damaged tooth from becoming even worse. However, you may run into a problem where your dental crown unexpectedly breaks. Here is what you should do if that happens to you.

Contact Your Dentist

You'll need to reach out to your dentist to arrange to have the dental crown repaired or replaced. If the tooth is not causing you pain, you could wait until you can schedule a normal appointment with your dentist to fix it. However, don't delay the repair any more than necessary. The damage can get worse if you ignore the tooth, so plan to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing pain, you'll need to go to a local emergency dentist. Chances are that the pulp of the tooth is exposed and the tooth needs immediately assistance. Don't unnecessarily wait around in pain for a normal appointment, because it won't feel better without help.

Take A Pain Reliever

If you are experiencing pain, take a pain relieving drug like naproxen or ibuprofen. This should help you deal with some of the throbbing pain you're experiencing until you can get to your emergency dentist.

Look For Sharp Edges

The broken crown may have left some sharp edges where it broke. You should check for edges with your finger, since the chances of cutting it is very low compared to checking with your tongue.

If there are no sharp edges there is nothing to worry about. If there are edges, you can place dental wax over the edge to prevent cuts from forming in your mouth. This is the same type of wax used to put on braces when they are new and can irritate the inside of your mouth.

Brush Your Teeth

Don't neglect taking care of your oral health while you wait to have your dentist fix your crown. Bacteria can get into the damaged area, which will lead to decay. Brushing your teeth keeps the bacteria away. Try using mouthwash after you brush to work it into any crevices of the broken crown where bacteria could be hiding.

Avoid Dangerous Activities

It is best to stay away from any activities that can further damage the tooth that the crown was protecting. This means you should take a break from contact sports that you regularly play, or chewing on tough foods with that side of your mouth.

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