Tips For Preventing Future Root Canals

If you are somewhat afraid of the dentist and general dental visits, then you may not be thrilled to hear that you need a specific treatment to help repair the teeth. Many people are afraid of root canals. If you have a root canal fear, then you should know that there are certain things that can be done to avoid them. Keep reading to learn how.

Have Dental Decay Removed Immediately

Root canals are most often completed because dental decay reaches the inner portions of the tooth. In particular, the decay moves through the enamel, dentin, and right into the pulp chamber. When the pulp chamber is reached, the tissues degrade fairly quickly and need to be removed to prevent a serious, deep, and painful infection. 

If you seek oral care and have cavities removed as soon as they appear, then you are unlikely to need a root canal. While some cavities can progress slowly over the course of years, others can reach through the dentin in a matter of months. Certain oral conditions can contribute to cavity growth and investing in fillings is the only way to ensure that decay does not spread to the inner portions of a tooth. 

It can be hard to tell when a cavity is developing, but your dentist will be able to tell. The professionals will often "watch" a tooth after the very first signs of decay develop so the filling can be placed as soon as possible once the enamel starts to decay. 

Protect The Teeth

While deep cavities are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to root canal treatment, root canals are needed when the teeth are injured as well. Tooth cracks and chips that reach close to the pulp chamber or that actually disrupt the chamber will require the treatment. If you want to avoid a root canal, then it is imperative that you protect the teeth from potential injuries and damage. 

There are a few types of damage that you need to protect the teeth from. Cracks and chips that develop due to weaknesses in the teeth are one issue, and dental grinding can cause this sort of problem. Make sure to speak with your dentist about the use of a nighttime dental guard to prevent this sort of problem. Also, wear appropriate dental guards when playing sports activities and keep non-food items, like pens, pencils, and bottle caps out of the mouth.