3 Surprising Ways That A Dental Implant For Just One Missing Tooth Can Help You

You probably know that the use of one or more dental implants is often ideal, even you are just missing a single tooth. When you are missing teeth, your other teeth will frequently move further away from one another and they can also increase the likelihood of developing cavities as time goes by. In addition, denture wearers will often experience a diminished bite force, which impacts the way they eat and the amount of time it takes them to chew. In comparison, that is less of a concern for people with dental implants and when you are perusing your dental replacement options, it is a good idea to consider the unique benefits provided by dental implants.

#1- When a Tooth Is Missing Away, The Other Teeth May Play (And Move Around)

Unfortunately, if you are missing just one tooth, the other teeth on the same jaw will often move around a tiny amount. It is important to note that straight teeth are not strictly a more attractive option than crooked ones. The truth is that straight teeth that are correctly spaced are easier to brush and floss.

#2- And When Your Existing Teeth Are More Challenging To Clean and Floss

If you cannot always and consistently remove food, plaque, etc. from and between your teeth, you probably remember that you will be more prone to cavities in the future, if you do not replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. That will be true even if until you lost the tooth, you had great oral health. Therefore, it is easy to see why the use of a dental implant that features a perfectly sized and authentic looking new tooth is very helpful.

#3- And When You Bite, You Want To Be Able To Do So With Strength

It is often shocking to discover the differences in bite strength between natural teeth, dentures and implants. Simply put, when you have more natural teeth, you will typically have more bite strength and therefore eating will be easier. For example, recent estimates have shown that natural teeth have a bite strength of about 200 or 250 pounds of force. That is sufficient in most cases to enjoy a varied diet and yes, occasionally a good, thick steak. 

If you wear dentures, you might have more luck with hamburgers or very thin steaks. That is because dentures only provide about 50 pounds of force. In comparison, successful dental implants have been found to offer high, although variable, levels of bite strength. Variables include the placement and type of implant,       

In conclusion, dental implants provide the benefits of natural, healthy teeth when you are missing at least one tooth. As a result, if you know that your smile has been impacted due to missing teeth, the above information will be useful to have.