How To Beautify Your Smile

If you are unhappy with your smile, either from a comfort or aesthetic standpoint, then you might not be sure what to do. Luckily, there is a field of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry, which is dedicated to helping people like you. Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures don't generally get insurance coverage, so you'll probably have to pay the majority of the cost out of your own pocket.

Here are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures:


If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, then you can get a teeth whitening procedure done. While this procedure is usually performed by a dentist, it doesn't actually require one. You can buy teeth whitening kits at most drug stores, but you might want the expertise and experience of a trained professional to help you in your application of the product.

Additionally, dentists can use much stronger whitening products than are available over the counter. Dentists can also accelerate the process, which eliminates a lot of the time that you would otherwise spend waiting for the whitening to finish. During this period, you would normally be unable to eat or drink, since that could interfere with the whitening process.


If whitening does not appeal to you or does not work for you, you can also try veneers. These are thin layers of porcelain which are applied on top of teeth. They look just like real teeth and protect you from decay.

Veneers also offer the benefit of filling in gaps. Since the veneers are custom-made, they can correct small, unique problems that you have, such as small, unsightly or uncomfortable gaps.


If your teeth are crooked or if you have a chip, then you might benefit from reshaping. This is the process of removing some enamel in order to improve the appearance and comfort of the tooth. Therefore, you need to have an excess of enamel on your teeth in order to get a reshaping.


Like veneers, bonding consists of the application of a layer of material onto the tooth. Unlike veneers, bonding uses a composite paste which is formed to fit the needs of the patient. It is therefore cheaper and doesn't require the long process of creating custom porcelain veneers. On the other hand, bonding isn't quite as permanent and doesn't appear as natural.

If you feel that your smile could benefit from any of these procedures, talk to a dentist at a clinic like MyoTech Dental & Implant Center about your options.