4 Hazards Of Getting Your Tongue Pierced

Tongue piercings have been popular for decades. However, many teens and young adults get their tongues pierced without really understanding the potential risks and consequences of this decision. If you are considering a tongue piercing, read on to learn more about the hazards of wearing a tongue ring.

1. Tongue Rings Can Fracture Your Teeth.

Wearing a metal tongue ring can seriously injure your teeth, especially if the barbell is longer than it needs to be. Every time your tongue ring moves around in your mouth, you risk bumping it against your teeth and causing a fracture. Some people develop the habit of chewing on their tongue rings which is also very risky for teeth.

One way to lessen the risk of damaging your teeth is by wearing a tongue ring made of plastic. However, plastic tongue rings have their own risks to consider. According to The Doctor Oz Show , plastic tongue rings attract colonies of dangerous bacteria in your mouth that are resistant to medicated mouthwash and antibiotics.   

2. Tongue Rings Can Cause Gum Recession

Throughout the course of a day, your tongue ring will rub up against your gums and gum line countless times, which can eventually result in gum recession. Receding gums are known to cause excessive tooth sensitivity and pain as the tooth roots become more exposed. Wearing a tongue ring that fits properly will help, but it won't completely prevent the risk of gum recession.

3. Tongue Rings Can Wear Down the Enamel on Your Teeth

Every time your tongue ring rubs against the sides of your teeth, you risk losing precious tooth enamel. Over time, your tooth enamel will become more and more worn down until the dentin is exposed.  Exposed dentin causes painful tooth sensitivity and increases your risk of cavities.

4. Tongue Rings Can Cause Diastema

According to a research study, tongue rings have been known to cause a condition known as "diastema."  A diastema is a gap or space that develops between your two front teeth. It usually affects the top teeth, but a diastema can occur between any two teeth in your mouth.  

If you absentmindedly play with your tongue ring or chew on it, this heightens the risk of diastema.

Think about these four risks very carefully before you make the decision to have your tongue pierced. Just one small chip or crack can result in major pain and expense down the road. If you have questions about repairing your smile, contact a clinic that specializes in cosmetic dentistry.